Building Resilience: The Future of Natural Areas

Workshops & Symposia

The call for proposals has been re-opened! New proposals are due May 16.

Thank you for considering the development of a symposium, an organized oral session or a workshop for the Natural Areas Conference in 2016! We appreciate you bringing your knowledge and insight to the table, and helping us to make this event as engaging, collaborative and cutting-edge for your colleagues as possible.

This year’s conference is focused on Climate Change Adaptation and Natural Areas Management: Turning Words to Action, and your symposium, session or workshop should focus on an aspect of that theme and be tailored to our audience, which is primarily people involved in on-the-ground management and adaptation work. Organized oral sessions and symposia will take place October 18, 19, and 20. Workshops will take place October 17, with possible slots on October 18-20 as well.

  • Organized oral sessions are events where 8 of the 11 speaker slots will be filled by the session organizers, and 3 will be filled by the program committee from the pool of accepted submitted abstracts. Topic areas may be broader than symposia topic areas. Talks are 15 minutes with 5 minutes for questions.
  • Symposia consist of 6 invited speakers whose talks are strongly integrated. Talks are 25 minutes with 5 minutes for questions. After the 6 talks, there will be 30 to 40 minutes available for facilitated discussion in a flexible format; session organizers are encouraged to consider using the time to jump-start important post-conference advances.

How to submit your oral session and symposia proposal and our evaluation criteria.

  • Workshops are events that have a greater instructional component than symposia and oral sessions, and participants typically remain in the workshop for the entire session, rather than moving between sessions. Participants may have to sign up in advance for a workshop, and there may be a limited number of attendees. The structure and schedule of Monday workshops is determined by the workshop host. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday workshops will coincide with the conference session schedule, which consists of a half day block of time with one 20-30 minute break.

How to submit your workshop proposal and our evaluation criteria.

All speakers must register for the conference. As the organizer of a session, it is your responsibility to make sure all speakers in your session are confirmed before your proposal is submitted. If any of your speakers require financial support to attend the conference, we ask that you arrange this support.

Again, thanks for stepping up to help us make the 2016 Natural Areas Conference the best yet.